building information modeling software in Billings, MT

Evaluate Your Structure Before You Build It

Ask about our building information modeling software in Billings, MT

Imagine being able to walk through your building before it's built. NorPac Sheet Metal, Inc. can turn drawings into a 3D model you can virtually explore. Using building information modeling (BIM), we take the process of generating and managing building data to the next level. Each BIM rendering helps us ensure that the model works through preconstruction, construction and the lifespan of the project.

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to identify potential problems throughout the project, book a 3D construction modeling appointment. We'll help you bridge the gap between your architects and engineers so you can maximize the efficiency of your entire build. Learn more about our BIM process in Billings, MT by calling 406-248-1757 now.

Benefits of using BIM

Building information modeling is a great tool to use so you don't have to just visualize a project. We'll turn any drawings into a 3D model you can virtually tour. The benefits of using our 3D construction modeling software include:

Enhanced communication
Increased collaboration
Reduced errors
Increased cost savings
Shortened construction schedules
Increased accuracy
Improved quality control

Each BIM rendering allows your team to communicate design intent in a tangible 3D environment. Turn your drawings into a virtual reality by speaking with our team about building information modeling today.