Is Your Indoor Air Safe To Breathe?

Is Your Indoor Air Safe To Breathe?

Install an air purification system in Billings, MT

Many people think that the air inside their home or office is clean and safe. But in reality, indoor air is often dirty since it's repeatedly cycled through the same space. With an air purification system from NorPac Sheet Metal, Inc., you can make sure your air is free of contaminants and allergens.

Our team installs air purifiers and humidifiers for homes and businesses in the Billings, MT area. We can customize your system to manage the issues you face. Add an ultraviolet purification system that kills germs or a humidifier that will moisturize your air and help everyone breathe easier.

Discuss your air purification needs with our skilled contractor today.

Make your building more efficient with Thermaduct

There's no reason to install separate ductwork, insulation and cladding when you combine it all in one efficient system. NorPac Sheet Metal is a certified Thermaduct installer. We'll update your building with a duct system that will...

  • Provide excellent R-value with waterproof closed-cell phenolic foam
  • Resist rain, wind and snow with 1000-micron titanium-infused vinyl cladding
  • Reduce mold growth and air leakage for cleaner and safer indoor air

Call us at 406-248-1757 for more information about how our air purifiers or Thermaduct ductwork can improve your air.

The air you breathe in while in your home can you put you at risk. Avoid that risk with air purification treatments. APCO-X is an easy to install, low maintenance system with a lifetime warranty.

This whole-house air treatment system is the most advanced of its kind. Call us to learn more and see how the installation can improve your home's air quality.