STV2 ServicesNorPac has the unique ability and services to adapt to the needs of each customer, whether high-volume commercial or a smaller, private project. Our versatility enables us to perform jobs from under $100 to multimillion dollars with ease and confidence. Our company has the experience, equipment, and understanding to elevate your plans and give you the best HVAC system possible for your building or project, without fail. We want you to succeed, which is why we’re invested every step of the way.

NorPac has a shop capacity of 10 gauge by 10′ shearing and forming and 12 gauge by 5’ rolling. A computer driven plasma cutting table supplements the cutting capacity to 3/8″ plate and performs the standard HVAC fitting cutting as well.

While primarily a commercial and institutional HVAC contractor, we also perform specialty fabrications for steel fabrication companies, general and mechanical contractors and for the general public. Choosing to have NorPac integrated with your project ensures high-quality work with low risk, outstanding results, and a professional attitude.

We strive to be the most trusted and recommended HVAC contractor in the region, which is why, the management has invested in equipment and tooling capable of making us the most efficient fabrication shop in our area. We constantly look for ways to improve the installation procedures for the systems we fabricate and install, thereby offering our customers the best in HVAC systems.

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NorPac also performs many contracts for the different medical facilities of Billings and the surrounding area. All of our employees are trained and certified to work in the Healthcare environment, including laboratory facilities and “Low Resistant Patient Care” areas. We also fabricate portable, negative air HEPA units that have been purchased by Hospitals and General Contractors, as well as being used by our company.

No matter what your needs are, NorPac can help. Whether you’re just starting out on a new project, and want to consult our professional team, or need help during a renovation, NorPac is here for you. Call us or stop by and let us show you what superior services we can provide for you!